" Fishers Leiborschy Ylam  Particularly steady and true on the move , sound in front and rear , harsh strong coat "

             Best Puppy in Breed and Res Best of
                      Judge E Bothwell  may 2010

 " 10 month old W/H Vizsla , musculine but not overdone , typical head with pleasing eye and expression , good legs and feet,well boned,firm topline, and well ribbed back,strong loin .good quarters,sensible and sound moving"
            Judge Patsy Hollings Southern Counties Championship show June 2010

Monday, November 11

"leiborschy Ylam W/H Vizsla , very muscular youngster with good head and expresion, well made throughout. Coat could be better but it is coming ! Really scored on the move , powering round the ring.
                      Best Puppy, Puppy Group 4
                Judge Becky Johnson Kingston July 2010   

" Fisher leiborshy Ylam W/H Vizsla , outstanding movement, interpreting the standard to the letter, animated flowing and ground moving , strong driving rear action , straight front , good feet, and pasterns, clean muscular outline, deep chest, level back and good tailset , correct harsh coat

                           Best of Breed  Group 3
             Judge Rosemary Lewis August 2010

" Fishers Leiborschy Ylam , W/H Vizsla lovley type in perfect condition, musculine head , moved with reach and drive, a real pleasure to go over"
                                   Best NSC 
               Judge Rita Stenning Horsham October 2010

"Fishers leiborschy Ylam ,W/H Vizsla , heavier boy who is weaker behind at present which just spoilt his balance but he is a good type, with a good head and exprssion very musculine in outlook and moved well on well boned legs and feet"
                  Judge Pam Blay WELKS April 2011

"Leiborschy Ylam W/V Vizsla dog, eyecatching youngster , well up to size, a little plain in head, Very fit and well musculed , strong lean body, good bone and side guit, well handled"
                 Judge L Cartledge Windsor April 2011 

" Leiborscy Ylam , W/V Vizsla , easy winner of this class , top size but very good shape and proporstions , just a little heavy in head, Exellant movement, good lenth of stride and topline .
     Judge Frank Kane HWVA Show April 2011