Fishers Virehaired Vizslas

W e were first introduced to Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas when a friend came to visit us with her 2 wires. There was somthing about wires we couldn't   resist, and after a long patient wait for the right puppy  we became the proud owner's of Leiborschy Mila.

We have owned shorthaired Vizsla's for 12  years ,Holly Majic and Zala.   All our dogs live with us indoors , and are considered to be important family members. We were introduced to the world of showing 12 years ago when we had our first shorthaired Vizsla Holly. Over the years we have achieved wonderful results at Open and Championship shows with all of our dogs. 

 After planning and waiting in  2009  Leiborschy Ylam another Wirehaired Vizsla  joined our family . we  are lucky to live in a part of Sussex which has lot's of open space  fields for the dogs to run and  play. 

We are very excited at the moment as we are  about to breed our first litter of wires from Leiborschy Mila. .
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Our lovely Mila as a puppy 8 weeks old.